There is no denying that a lot of people are looking for good models to use in their classrooms. Whether they are looking for artifacts or something to print for a special occasion, teachers are always looking for something to print.

To try to help people out, I’ve opened accounts for Printrbot Learn both on Thingiverse and on Youmagine. From the experiences I’ve had in the past year talking to people about 3D printing in classrooms, printers are being used in many different ways, in many different classrooms. Some people are looking for experimental, high quality models that push the boundaries of what their printers can do, while others are looking for teaching manipulatives, and still others are searching for simple things they can give to students as resources and prizes. This year has seen an explosion in printers and in their uses in education.

All of the models that are produced by or for Printrbot Learn are licensed Creative Commons. Just as with our curriculum and lesson plan documents, you are free to take, remix, and reuse all of the things that we make.

If you have models and files that you are willing to share that we can feature on our account (with attribution and control remaining with you of course!) let me know. As well, if there are models out there that you’d you like me to feature in a collection; classroom things that are essentials, please let me know.