One of the greatest things about being responsible for Printrbot Learn is the amazing people that you get to connect with. Over the last few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to connect with an amazing group of students from Virginia who are working together as part of a world class First Lego League team.


Team Geared Up! is a team of middle school students from Virginia that has advanced all the way to the First Lego League Global Competition which will showcase their programming and engineering skills.

As part of their competition, these students were also required to design a project to make a difference in the world. Looking at the world around them, they decided to focus on creating a low cost robotics kit. Using mainly recycled materials along with 3D printed parts these innovative students have created a resource to help expand the possibilities for other people around the world.

Craft-a-bot, their combined 3d printing and robotics project, is available for anyone to use and build on. They have created and published a full set of projects and lesson plans open to the world. They have a Thingiverse library where you can download the files to create all of their pieces along with an instruction manual.


I was fortunate enough to meet this talented team on skype and speak with them about their project and about 3d printing and robotics. They are a talented, passionate group who have been published and are also meeting with elected officials to talk to them about the importance of projects like theirs.

This is a great example of the learning that is possible when you pull together high tech options.