In December of 2014 I started to design a curriculum document list of outcomes for teachers looking to implement 3D printing in their learning spaces. A document like this ensures that you are being comprehensive in your classroom, covering outcomes from many different directions.

Thanks to the work of the 3D printing community, this document was completed in only a few days. People came together and worked on it, ensuring that it came together with plenty of good ideas.

The second piece of this large project took a little longer, about a month to be exact. Today the second document in this series, the Lesson Plans and Resources for Teachers, is completed. This document gives teachers lesson plan ideas to be used in classrooms as well as access to a lot of hand picked resources that you can use in your classroom. This document is covered under a Creative Commons license. This means that it is absolutely free to download and use. You can also copy the document and remix it, tear it apart, use the pieces that you want and add your own custom content to it.

While all of the blank spaces on the document have been filled in, it is still open for editing. My hope is that this document stays alive and up to date. 3D printing in learning spaces is still very new. The technology itself is still rapidly changing. As people try out different lesson ideas and resources, I would love see people comment about what is working in classrooms and also let me know about what doesn’t work. If you run into a resource that needs to be in the document, feel free to add it as well under the appropriate section.

The curriculum document listing the outcomes can be found here.

The full 34 page Lesson Plan and Resources Document is here.