Printrbot is launching two new programs aimed at helping schools get access to 3D printers for their teachers and students.
There are two new initiatives underway that will allow more schools, students and teachers access to this technology.
Option #1
Printrbot Ambassadors

Sign up to host a Printrbot Ambassador, an Assembled Printrbot Metal Simple, for one month for free. All you need to do is to pay the shipping costs. Each printer comes with 1kg of filament, an Alu handle and a spool holder. If you decide not to keep it, you can simply send it back to Printrbot when your month is up and we will prepare it for its next trip to another school. At the end of your month, if you decide to keep the printer, you can purchase it as a permanent teaching tool at your school. There will be a limited supply of printers each month, so a waiting list will be used to control the ongoing cost of the program.

Option #2
One Printrbot for Every School

Every school in America can now afford a 3d printer! We will provide one Printrbot Simple Metal at a special price of $399 for each school in the USA. All we ask is verification that you are buying for a school and permission to post your school as a participant on a public web page. This option will begin with a limited amount of printers (around 100 a month). We will manage this with a sign up list for now. As time progresses, we expect to offer more and more each month until we lift any limitations and potential wait times.

Our hope is to introduce teachers and students to 3d printing and to the value of choosing Printrbot as your 3d printer company.

Printrbot’s are a great low cost – high value option, but we challenge you to start printing a RepRap printer with your Printrbot Ambassador or your newly purchased Printrbot. One printer is all you need to begin seeding printers to other interested classrooms in your school. We believe in the value of having students build a 3D printer for themselves. Whether it’s a self-sourced RepRap, or one of our kits, there is no cheaper way to place printers at your school… And no better way to teach your students about 3D printing. If you prefer buying assembled printers, Printrbot has some great options, but there are lots of different manufacturers to choose from out there. We think you will like our Simple Metal, but even if you choose another model from another manufacturer, we would love to play an important part in introducing your school to this exciting tool that can teach a variety of skills and disciplines.

We will launch the program next week, so watch our website to get a jump on things. We expect healthy interest. No other 3D printer company has committed to such a large investment in education – there are thousands of schools in the US! We can’t wait to hear what your students think!