Earlier this month I proposed that we build a comprehensive, open source curriculum to learn about 3D printing. Whether it would be used in schools, makerspaces or at home, the idea was that we could build something together that could be used with any printer, in any place, and with virtually any age of learners.

We accomplished this in only three days. This project received a lot of attention from the technology press and is getting used. Every time I log on to the google doc there are always people on it.

Now it’s time for the second part of this project.

The first document is mostly outcomes and background information. It is the backbone of the learning and is meant to serve as an outline. Now we need to work on lesson plans, resources, projects and links that can be used with students.

I have created a document that lays out a template for each of the outcomes. This will make it easier for everyone to use. Whether you want to contribute an entire lesson, a single sentence that is a lesson idea, or a link to a page or a video that people can use as a resource, every single person reading this post has something to contribute to this project.

Feel free to add whatever information you can to this project. In the end, I will edit and clean up the document so don’t worry about simply dropping in a link or even a single sentence. That is how this works, if we each take a piece, what we can accomplish as a community grows.

So thanks for everything you’ve done so far – but let’s not stop there. Let’s keep building.