In a whirlwind effort of about 72 hours or so, as a community, we’ve managed to pull together a first draft of a 3D printing curriculum.

I posted to this blog a few days ago asking for help, and by the next morning I logged on to Google to find around 20 people on the document!

Together, this draft is far better now than it would have been if I had worked on this project alone. This is another great reminder of the fact that open source projects thrive because we are smarter when we put our heads together.

So here’s draft #1 of the curriculum (pdf 4.5 mb) we’ve pulled together.

This curriculum is not a list of worksheets or activities. It is a list of skills and understandings that people can use in their space to make sure they are teaching a comprehensive program. From this list, the next step would be to create resources (videos, challenges, lesson plans, and yes, sigh, worksheets) that people can use in their classroom.

I’ve uploaded the draft #1 copy of the curriculum for people to take a look at. I’ve converted it into a pdf just for the sake of keeping the formatting in place for people to look at. I’m looking for your comments, your ideas and feedback on this document. What is still missing? What can be included? Anything need to come out?

Several guiding principles behind what we have done here: (1.) All of this work is Creative Commons licensed. It can be downloaded, remixed, and forked if you feel it needs to be customized to meet your needs. (2.) The curriculum is meant to be printer agnostic. I want this curriculum to be useful for everyone no matter if they are working with a reprap machine, a Printrbot, or something else.

If you’ve got ideas about this document and any improvements that you feel it needs you’ve got plenty of options:

– leave a comment on this post

– send me an email:

– hit up the printrbotlearn twitter account

– make any changes and revisions here, on the Google doc that this project grew out of. It’s still open to be edited.