Something that has come up repeatedly over the past six months that Printrbot Learn has been active is the lack of quality, organized curriculum to do with 3D printing and manufacturing.

Several 3D printing curricula documents do exist. In fact, a new document was released just last week by Stratasys.

But there are troubles with many of these documents. Many of them first of all focus on a specific printer or company. Many of them are closed off, proprietary and / or for sale.

At Printrbot Learn, we want to take another approach.

First of all, we believe that documents like this should be created by the people who actually doing this work in classrooms, colleges, after school programs, and makerspaces. These are the people on the front lines of education who are creating learning opportunities for students using 3D printers. This is an emerging field and it needs input from the people involved. Second, we believe that these documents should be publicly released and licensed as Creative Commons. Just as we’ve done with all of the projects that we’ve posted, we believe that this type of work should be open to everyone, providing the most benefit to everyone possible. We want to create opportunities for students and teachers, not create closed off documents or systems.

So we need your help and your input.

We would like to create a series of documents that will people will be able to use to teach others the basics of 3D printing and manufacturing. We would like to have outcomes that range from building and looking after your printer to creating objects using design software through printer settings to finishing your objects. We would like to highlight the possibilities that 3D printing brings to entrepreneurship and manufacturing.

To start us off, I’ve created a Google doc that has basic categories and ideas. Please feel free to edit the document and begin adding your own ideas.

This is important work. If we build this ourselves, we, as educators, will get to design and produce a document that works; one that is based on what we’ve seen in our learning spaces. You don’t have to be a curriculum person or a hardcore 3D printing expert to take part. Everyone has a few ideas about what they would like to see.

Questions? Ideas? Leave a comment on this post, on the doc itself or send me an email: