Does your classroom curriculum require that you study Egyptian history? The British Museum has teamed up with Sktechfab to bring downloadable, printable models of Egyptian artifacts to your 3D printer.

Currently, the collection has 14 models but will grow over time.

This is only one of the collections that Sktechfab is hosting for download. Other models have been uploaded by Microsoft. There is a collection of printable Wonders of the World models and another of famous awards. (want to host the Oscars in your classroom, you can now do that!)

One thing I’ve noticed with the Sketchfab downloads is that different collections are hosting different file types. While some of the files I tested downloading were .stl files ready to be sent directly to your printer, other were .obj files (which I opened in Meshlab and then saved as .stls) while others were .blend files (I opened them in Blender and exported as .stl. to prepare them for printing) I didn’t have any issues with the files or the exports, but just be aware that you might have an extra step before the files are ready to head to your printer.

egypt head

Happy printing! Let me know if you try any of these files out and about your experiences with them.