Each year Make Magazine rounds up popular models of 3D printers and puts them through a complete set of print tests. From the overall quality to the finest details, Make’s 3D printer edition has become the go – to reference guide if you are looking for a printer.

At Printrbot Learn; we’re first pleased to announce that the Printrbot Simple Metal finished second overall in Make’s shootout of 25 different printers and was named the best value for the third year in a row! This little powerhouse printer has been getting rave reviews from classrooms and schools around the world and Make’s thorough process shows that this little machine beats other printers that cost thousands more.

Besides just the reviews, the Make 3D printer shootout magazine is worth it’s price for a lot of reasons. This year, the shootout edition has a number of articles in it that make purchasing it worthwhile (you can get a pdf for just $10 USD) even if you already own a printer. For example, there are articles about getting a solid and reliable first layer and another about copyright that are well worth exploring. The Make website also features a number of resources that are worth digging into. You can even download the complete set of .stl files that Make used to evaluate printers and use their own rubrics to dial in your own printer. Next week (beginning November 10th), Make will release an article each day (many with printable .stl files) for people to take a look at. You can also get a free pdf showcasing the full reviews of Make’s top 10 printers.

Overall, this edition is worth the price and is a great resource to help you learn more about your printer and getting it dialed in for high quality prints.