Printrbot loves education.

Seriously. (That’s why we’re here)

We believe that 3D printers have the potential to add a lot to learning, to classrooms, schools and makerspaces. We believe that this technology allows learners to get involved in entirely different kinds of projects in areas that are simply not possible without it.

If you’ve got a 3D printer in your school, college, university or makerspace, we want to put you on the map.

We’ve started a map of learning spaces that have 3D printers. Today, at our launch, we have 58 different spaces on our map. But we know that there are dozens and dozens that we are missing. We want to add your space to our map. If you’ve got a Printrbot in your learning space, simply give us a few pieces of information and we can add you to our network. Just fill out this simple form and get on the map!