One of the exciting recent developments in 3D printing involves printing with different materials. While most people print using PLA filament, there are of course a number of different options about what material you choose to use.

One of the most interesting is Ninjaflex. If you haven’t heard of it, Ninjaflex is a relatively new filament that is different because it is pliable and flexible. This gives rise to a whole host of new printing ideas and options. Everything from stress balls to children’s toys to protective cell phone cases can be looked at.

The only issue is that Ninjaflex is a product that can prove tough to work with. The extruder temperature and retraction rates of your printer may need to be adjusted. You may need an adapter for your extruder motor. (If you have a printrbot, there is a great downloadable model here and a good overview from Adafruit about installing the piece and why it is needed here).

This week Ninjaflex opened a new website dedicated to helping people through bumps on the road. It has information about printer settings that may work for you, a set of discussion forums and a place to share your ideas about how the filament can be used. While just starting out, this looks like a great resource worth checking out.

Have you used Ninjaflex in your classroom? Do you have a project or a story you could share with us? Let us know!