A bit more than a week ago I posted a short survey on this site, looking for some information about our audience and about what kind of content you would like to see featured here.

A few things I’ve learned coming out of that survey:

– Most people who took the survey work with children between the ages of 11 and 18 although a significant number of people are working with adults.
– Most people have access to two – three 3D printers, a number have one, while a few others have four or more.
– With only a few exceptions, people are printing using PLA.
– There are a wide variety of tools being used for designing 3D models, but the most popular is Google Sketchup, followed by Tinkercad.
– Most people who responded to this survey work with students in a school, but others are in makerspaces, robot labs or within companies.
– The three most popular things people would like to see featured in this space are: classroom resources, classroom projects and how-to-use-your printer tutorials.
– The grand majority of people who responded to the survey said they would be interested a regular Google hangout and/or a twitter chat around 3D printing in learning spaces. (So that will be coming soon! Watch here for more information about dates and times)

The survey is still open and any results collected will be looked at and taken into account so if you haven’t taken the three minutes or so to answer the nine questions, you can still do that.

Thanks to those who have taken the time to respond.