Some resources are simply worth pointing out.

In the last two weeks there have been two great new resources placed online that are worth checking out.

The first is a pdf booklet from the Met Museum in New York about 3D scanning objects and getting them to print. While it’s focus is the museum itself and its own objects, the lessons inside can be used with anything. It might be something that is helpful to you or your students if you are breaking in to doing this kind of work.

The second resource is a repository of stl files. While 3D printers give us an avenue to unlimited creativity when we make our own stuff, they also give us an excellent opportunity to lay our hands on learning objects that we wouldn’t otherwise have access to. That is certainly true in this case. NASA has placed dozens of free downloadable models online of different satellites, space objects and tools. The objects are available as 3ds files, but I simply ran them through this online file converter, changing them into stl files which opened for me using Cura with no difficulty.