The space is called Science Centre Immaginario Scientifico (IS), and it is an interactive and multimedia science museum. It is a “new generation museum” which uses original exhibition techniques and innovative teaching methods. It is not just a museum but a lively place, where visitors can interact with objects and hands-on exhibits. The Science Centre is also a public space organizing events, lectures, workshops and other activities to promote science and technology. Recently, seeing the rising interest in topics related to Arduino and 3D printing, they have begun organizing courses and hosting special events for adults and teenagers who wish to learn how to use these new technologies.

The IS has been using Printrbots at various events where children and adults can see how they work and ask questions. In May one of the center’s Printrbot Simples went on tour to six different cities in Emilia Romagna for 32 lessons in various high schools. The centre is also organizing four hour workshops for students to learn how to use tinkercad to draw simple objects that can then be printed using the machines they have on site.

Here are a few examples of things some of their students have made:


The IS  believes that 3D printing has excellent potential for allowing students to design objects and see how a product will actually turn out. For school children it is a great chance to unleash their creativity and a new tool to learn for future jobs while teachers can use it to print educational objects.

Many projects at the IS combine 3D printing with programming the Arduino open source electronics platform. For example, this hexapod can be printed out and combined with an Arduino Uno platform to make a walking insect!


Download each of the 5 stl files for the hexapod here:

Piece 1
Piece 2
Piece 3
Piece 4
Piece 5

The full instructable is here. Happy making!