Create a custom trophy in Tinkercad and download for 3D Printing. A 3D printed trophy is a great way to recognize student achievement.

Go to and click  the Copy and Tinker button. (Requires a free account.)

062114 Trophy 5

Click on the blue text and in the inspector window change the text field. It may take a while for the text to change as the Tinkercad server have to process the changes. There is also text on the back side of the trophy. Rotate the view and click the text to change or delete it.

062114 Trophy 1

When the trophy is customized and ready for printing, click Design–> Download for 3D Printing.

062114 Trophy 2

Choose .STL as the file type.

062114 Trophy 3

The downloaded .STL file is now ready for slicing and 3D printing using the software for your 3D printer.


The trophy design is a remix of Trophy Cup 5 by tc_fea which is licensed under the Creative Commons – Attribution license.

The easiest way to understand the parts of the customized trophy is to play with the Tinkercad file. The instructions below explain in detail how the design by tc_fea was remixed to created the customized trophy.

The trophy was imported into Tinkercad by clicking Import–>URL and pasting into the box and then clicking Import.

062114 Trophy 6062114 Trophy 7

The original trophy was rescaled to 50% changing the height from the original 70 mm to 35 mm. The ruler tool makes it easier to determine exact distances.

062114 Trophy 8

A base was added by making a box with dimensions 38.35 mm X 18.73 mm X 9.5 mm. These dimensions were determined by printing several sample to determine the correct height for the text to slice and print correctly and also leave enough room for the words.

062114 Trophy 9

The trophy was raised to 9.5 mm and centered on the base.

062114 Trophy 11

Text was added by clicking Shape Generators –> Text.

062114 Trophy 12 062114 Trophy 13

The text was rotated by clicking the text and then clicking and dragging the rotation arrows to bring the text upright. The text was then rescaled to 7.5 mm in height.

062114 Trophy 14

Finally the text was centered on the base so it protrudes approximately 0.6 mm.

062114 Trophy 15

This project idea was used to recognize a class of daily Algebra 1 students with 100% pass rate on the state standardized test. For many of the students, this was the first state end of course test they had ever passed.