We believe that learning should be hands on. We believe that kids should solve real problems using real tools. We believe every kid should be a designer, a maker and an inventor. We believe that kids should Learn by Making.



Printrbot Learn is an initiative sponsored by Printrbot and run by teachers.

Our mission is to help bring making to kids of all ages by growing a thriving community of makers that share knowledge, support and inspiration.

A passion for education has been at the core of Printrbot since the very beginning. In his first Kickstarter video, Brook Drumm, the founder and CEO of Printrbot asked us to imagine what 3D printers will mean for kids, “what they think, they’ll be able to build.”

Printrbot Learn is committed to a number of initiatives:

  • Tutorials to guide learners from idea to 3D print.
  • Lesson plans across the curriculum that bring Making to every classroom.
  • Inspiring stories of designers and makers.
  • Contests that promote the fun and excitement of Learning by Making.

The Printrbot Learn team consists of experienced educators and 3D printing enthusiasts, Josh Ajima (designmaketeach.com, @designmaketeach) and Clarence Fisher (evenfromhere.org @glassbeed). The Printrbot Learn team is here to help with the unique challenges of bringing digital fabrication and making to learning spaces across the globe.

Join us at learn.printrbot.com and follow us on Twitter @PrintrbotLearn.

Suggestions? We’d love to hear from you: learn@printrbot.com